Whitfields of Southern Africa
  Whitfields to Canada and USA


Maria Ann (Healy) Whitfield, sponsored the sons move to Canada after the death of their father, and continued to send support to the brothers for some time following.  Her reason for support was that she was not approving of a certain young lady that Frederick had been courting feeling that her son would be lowering himself socially and therefore encouraged the boys to go to London on the pretext of visiting their father. When they arrived they found their Father had died and then Thomas proposed that they accompany a half brother on his journey to America [PBW assumes this to be Charlotte's brother William Henry Lancaster Whitfield who went to Jamaica and owned a sugar plantation until his death in 1872].  The mother agreed and provided them the funds for passage and because of the former lady friend that Thomas was seeing encouraged them to stay away from home and pursue new opportunity in the Colonies.

Thomas Healy Whitfield and his brother Frederick John Whitfield arrived in New Brunswick April 2, 1819 after a voyage of nearly thirteen weeks. They landed in St. John, then went upriver to Fredericton where they made their home with a Mr. Ladd who was a farmer.

Maria Ann Whitfield supported them with a £500 per annum remittance but after one year, the money no longer came since the mother had purchased commissions in the British Army for several nephews who were to repay her from their salaries. Without repayment, the mother found herself without means, and was unable to support her sons.

Without income, Thomas found employment in bookkeeping for a merchant for a short time, after which he taught school. Thomas Healy Whitfield married Rebecca Rideout in Woodstock, York County New Brunswick on the 22nd of October 1823. by Reverend Richard Dibble
Rebecca's Father was Nicholas Rideout Jr and her mother was Jane Munro.
The latter were married in Maugerville NB 04 June 1802.  Rebecca was born 28 Nov. 1803 in Maugerville NB

Frederick found employment as a merchant shopkeeper and reportedly traded goods sent through an uncle in the shipping business in England and relatives of the boys, with Surrey origins, living in New York and Maine. He shortly thereafter became a schoolteacher and taught for 8 years. Frederick then entered the Ministry of the Free Christian Baptist Church, wherein he became a highly recognized minister and followed that calling until his death. He married Susannah Churchill in Wakefield, Carelton County N.B. on December 24, 1828.
Susannah was born 23 December 1811 in Wakefield. Her Father was Nathaniel Churchill and her mother was Eunice Kinney.

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