Whitfields of Southern Africa
  Looking Back Vol VII (1967)

Quest after Charlotte Whitfield

Mr. Frank Newnes, a member of the Historical Society living at Bulawayo, is trying to collect information about Charlotte Whitfield, and any assistance which readers can give him would be much appreciated. her story, as it has been traced so far, presents certain puzzling features, or, at the least, some confusion.

According to her death notice (Supreme Court, Cape Town, 204/1897) she was born in London in February 1790, Whitfield being her maiden name, and she was the mother of these five children:-

Leo Africanus, born near Zwartkops River, 1822,
Mary Margaret, born 1825 (married William Blackbeard),
Charlotte Belinda, born at Bathurst, 1826 (married ........ Manley),
John, born London, 28 february 1828 (married 1. Jane Cawood
                2. Ann Wallis)
William Henry Lancaster, born 16 January 1829 (perhaps at Lancaster, England).   ***

On 9 February 1827, the English schooner Ann sailed from Cape Town. The passengers on board being Capt. & Mrs. Pennfeather, Mr. J.G. de Villiers and son, Rev. E. Evans, Mr. Brown, Miss Whitfield, and Mr. Petterson and two servants. (Cape Archives, Register of Ships' arrivals and departures, in the Colonial Office 7063. Permits to leave the country 1826/7).

Mr. Newnes has also established that Charlotte Whitfield was married at St. George's Church, Grahamstown, to Henry Turkington, on 25 July 1835. (Church Register). Henry Turkington died about 1848. Charlotte was present when on 15 October 1853, her son John married his first wife, Jane Cawood, at Cuylerville, at the Chapel of St. Mary in the parish of Bathurst. (Church Register, and Lower Albany Chronicle.) Charlotte died in June 1875, at Gum Grove Farm, the home of her son, Leo Africanus, on the slopes of Taba Ndoda, between Fort White and Debe Nek, and lies buried in the private cemetery there. Mr. Newnes writes: "It should be noted that the death notice was made out by her son John some 22 years after her.....


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