Whitfields of Southern Africa
  Letter from Frank Newnes to Mrs Rainier
 * A letter to Mrs Rainier (?) from Frank Newnes (?)

"Dear Mrs Rainier
I trust you have now settled down in East London, a town of which I am very fond. I remember once going to a meeting at the Town Hall I think it was the local historical society's meeting.
In your last letter to me you mentioned what became of Mrs Brown (Anne Cane), Elizabeth and Anne. The little I have is as follows:
Anne Cane. Born London 16-5-1790. Married John Brown at St Anns Westminister on 26-10-1812. 4 children, Elizabeth, Anne, Christianna and George. The last 2 born 1821 and 27 respectively. Died 19-2-1857 in Grahamstown.
Elizabeth Brown. Presumably born London 18-2-1815. Married Edward Chapman Leonard who died in 1892. 3 children. Died 7-6-1859.
Anne Brown. Presumably born London 17-9-1817. Married Henry Francis Fynn. Died at Swarts Kei when her husband was serving at Tarka's Post. 30-6-1839. I do not think there was issue.
Henry Francis Fynn. (1803 ? - 20-9-1861) was as you may know one of the founders of Natal along with King & Farewell. On the death of his wife Ann, he married Christianna Brown. he died at Fynnlands which I understand is on the Bluff at Durban.
You will see that John Brown had 4 children, this being apart from the 5 children he presented to Charlotte Whitfield between 1822 - 1829.
You mention in your letter about property of J.B. in Germiston (???) I understand that when he died he did have property there but I feel there must have been another JB as the deal between Lt Col Prentice and JB took place on the 28.2.1820 ie long before the 1820 Settlers arrived.
I am awaiting an answer from Mr Morse Jones on a place called Tiger Spring. I do know that there was an article in Looking Back Vol ! Part 2 about this place but unfortunately I do not have a copy.
JB purchased Tiger Spring from a Richard Austen although I do not think he lived there, and the deeds of Transfer are dated 1840 some 5 years after John's death. This place I understand was very near Bathurst, one boundary being on Bathurst Commonage. I have also been told that Tiger Spring was a place on the NE part of Mahoneys location which I believe was in the Coombs Valley near Clay Pit.
P?ts. I wonder whether the two places are one and the same.
In my quest for the birth place of Charlotte Whitfield in London 1790 I am now enquiring into the records of Spanish Town, Jamaica where her brother died in 1824. She presumably went to London in 1827 (along with JB) in consequence of her brothers estate.
Should you require further details on JB I can let you have the note. I was recently given a portion of a genealogical table of the Fynn family which dealt with the Brown family. I know that Christianna Fynn had a son Henry.
I trust you are well and that the weather is kind to you. Here it is beautiful at the moment.
Yours sincerely
Frank Newnes
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